PSA Announcement

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We have recently been getting comments about how empty this site is. Samton Network is not charity. As in, in order to benefit from Samton Network, you must contribute to the network. In order to recieve friend requests, you must send friend requests. In order to recieve messages, you must send messages to other members. When you join this site, in order to start becoming a part of the site, you must involve yourself in the site. We have added apps including Instant Messaging, Direct Messaging, and Friend Requests so that it is easier for you to become a part of the [hence] network. Start involving yourself into Samton Network, so you can be involved in Samton Network. Do you understand the logic? You shouldn’t rely on Admins to add updates, and then take advantage of the updates, ignoring the site the next day. I’ll repeat again, contribute to the network, to benefit from the network.

Solange Wright, Site Owner/Webmaster since 2009

Samton Graffiti: A New Form of Notes

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Samton Network recently emailed us about a BETA testing that will be scheduled today, January 29th, 2012. Samton Network announces that Graffiti™ of Samton Network is going BETA this week. The new idea was formed by Solange Wright, developed by Webmasters and a few admins. 

“It’s one of the most interesting concepts I’ve ever developed, I’m extremely excited for it to go BETA.” comments Solange Wright.

For those who aren’t as tech savvy as others,  BETA means that it is being released for testing. It’s a common software term.

The app will be promoted on the website, and will also be endorsed on the Podcast, Blog, and Email Blasting. The focus is to make sure everyone tries it out, and then receive feedback.

What is Samton Graffiti? Let’s break it down:

Samton Graffti is a wiki where everyone adds any content they want, add photos, pictures, links, videos, and comments. It’s a new and more connected way of blogging. The point is for everyone to become connected with each other, through Graffiti.

“When someone adds a thread, or a graffito, then someone can respond to that graffito. As long as you focus on the protocol, which is adding your name, and date. It makes it easier.”

The style of formatting also makes security even better, adds Solange Wright. According to her, if someone puts inappropiate content on Graffiti, anyone can delete content.

“And once we meet our 2GB limit, we recycle the entire forum, and all content goes in the trash. The only problem with Graffiti is that anyone can delete your content, so make sure that you use Graffiti responsibly and post simple things. No specific information, or details. It’s an anonymous blog. It’s anyone’s call.” She finally states.

Reuben S. #reuben


Interview with Site President

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We recently interviewed Site President, BaileyAnne on her plans to help Samton.

Q: What are your goals on changing Samton this year? 

A: My goals on Samton is to stop cyber bullying and harassment going on all through the web. 

Q: Did you think you were going to win Samton President this year? If not, why?

A: I didn’t think I was going to win because there were a bunch of good people running for president it was a hard race, I must say. 

Q: Do you think Samton has potential?

A:  It has big potential.

Q: How do you think you will help Samton, department wise? (Media Team, Webmaster, Administration, Journalism)

A: I really don’t know how I will help this year but I really want to try to help big time on anything I can help Samton with, there are a lot of great people that are on samton that I think should have an important role on Samton, like Jade, Cress, and Cherry_Bone. 

Reuben Soliter #reuben


Save The Internet: Tell Congress NO!

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Internet Censorship is coming to America. Similar to China’s way of internet, congress is thinking of blocking popular sites, including Google, Twitter, Facebook, and that could includes websites like Samton. Samton could disappear in the vast crevice of the universe. Result could be the tragic end of the internet and the digital media era.

How to help? Sign the petition on, and Tell Congress NO! 

Reuben Soliter #reuben


What is Samton Site President?

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People have been asking what Site President is, but we’ve decided to narrow it down and explain it in a simplified form:

Site President

  • Makes Important Decisions on Samton
  • Is a PosterChild for the site
  • Is the connection between members and Webmasters, giving an alternate view on the site
  • Term lasts for one year

The election ends this Sunday, so make sure you vote for your site president!

Click Here to vote!

Reuben S.


What is Samton Network doing right now?

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In a meeting in New York, Solange Wright and Sage Myers are discussing the podcast, and new upcoming ideas for Samton. 12/30/11


Samton Network Cyber Bullying Problems

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Samton Network is almost 3 years old, and we have had a few cases of Harrasment, Cyber Bullying online. This week, a member (Name protected for identity) was sending inappropiate comments to members around the entire site. It alarmed WebMasters, giving a real reality check on the site.

This inspired us to be more safe next year, because we realize we have done everything we could have, it’s the responsibility of the Samton member and the guardian to delete those comments, and report a member.

The incident lead members to create a new and updated ‘Report a Member’ form, and to make sure that it works efficiently, and make it an effective tool for security.

Samton Network has learned from the incident, and it made website members understand the importance of network security.