Once Again, Toolbar Drama

Samton Network’s attempting to rebuild the toolbard for the fourth time. This toolbar has been a nuisance to Samton Network for over a year and a half. Originally, in summer of 2009, no one downloaded it. It contained games, international online television, updates, and  a link to the network’s european site. I talked to Sage M., a WebMaster at Samton Network.

“Marketing and advertisements wasn’t on our side. Plus, we only had about 30 or 4o members. Not enough people to respect these tools.”

The new host for the toolbar, Conduit Inc.

The new toolbar is going to include, Blog RSS, live web messages from the network themselves, links to new partner sites, games, and the rest can’t be revealed. We emailed WebMaster Nathan Peterson. He replied back:

“I don’t approve of it. Honestly, I’m scared to launch it out. What if its a waste of megabytes? We’re definitely not dedicating an entire page. Just click on an ad on the website’s sidebar. Simple.”

But wait. Nathan’s acting like its his website? Enough said.

Reuben Soliter



~ by solangewright on September 14, 2011.

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  1. thats bad 😦

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