Meebo IM Returns

Meebo instant message chat returns on Samton Network. If you’ve been using Samton since December of 2010, then you would definitely recognize this important feature. It was easy to use, and you could chat and see who was online. Don’t forget the fact that you could also connect with Facebook, while still on Samton.

“It was the most revolutionary feature on Samton Network. End of Story!” Says Sage M., WebMaster on Samton Network of New York.


But why did it leave? Why did something so convenient on Samton dissapear on premises? We sent a report to Meebo, and according to the response, we were accidentally labeled as violating Terms & Services. Two days later, the issue was resolved.

No real new look, just a great feature discovered by WebMasters. Pretty Small to see, we know. Photo Taken by Sage M.

“We were suffering from the problem since April [2011]. I guess we just never decided to actually contact the programmers.” continued Sage.

What’s going to be added besides Meebo? A testing happened earlier today at 12pm, and the results weren’t good. The agenda was to try to collaborate Wibiya with Meebo. But neither of them would corporate to give live stream information, and chat. Originally, this is what one of the WebMasters [Sage M.] quoted before the official test:

“The testing is going to see if you can visually add Wibiya on the top of the site, and conclude template layout, graphic quality, and runtime duration. If all goes well, we can then send simultaneous messages via Wibiya, Email and phone. It’s going to be great.”

Later, after the testing she stated:

“Well, at least we were giving our options. We could upgrade to Wibiya Chat, for $10USD/month. But to be realistic, we have other plans coming out soon.” ~ Sage M.

Reuben Soliter

Now try and squint your eyes to see this! Photo taken by Solange Wright.


~ by solangewright on September 20, 2011.

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  1. Go samton

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