Samton Graffiti: A New Form of Notes

Samton Network recently emailed us about a BETA testing that will be scheduled today, January 29th, 2012. Samton Network announces that Graffiti™ of Samton Network is going BETA this week. The new idea was formed by Solange Wright, developed by Webmasters and a few admins. 

“It’s one of the most interesting concepts I’ve ever developed, I’m extremely excited for it to go BETA.” comments Solange Wright.

For those who aren’t as tech savvy as others,  BETA means that it is being released for testing. It’s a common software term.

The app will be promoted on the website, and will also be endorsed on the Podcast, Blog, and Email Blasting. The focus is to make sure everyone tries it out, and then receive feedback.

What is Samton Graffiti? Let’s break it down:

Samton Graffti is a wiki where everyone adds any content they want, add photos, pictures, links, videos, and comments. It’s a new and more connected way of blogging. The point is for everyone to become connected with each other, through Graffiti.

“When someone adds a thread, or a graffito, then someone can respond to that graffito. As long as you focus on the protocol, which is adding your name, and date. It makes it easier.”

The style of formatting also makes security even better, adds Solange Wright. According to her, if someone puts inappropiate content on Graffiti, anyone can delete content.

“And once we meet our 2GB limit, we recycle the entire forum, and all content goes in the trash. The only problem with Graffiti is that anyone can delete your content, so make sure that you use Graffiti responsibly and post simple things. No specific information, or details. It’s an anonymous blog. It’s anyone’s call.” She finally states.

Reuben S. #reuben



~ by solangewright on January 29, 2012.

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