PSA Announcement

We have recently been getting comments about how empty this site is. Samton Network is not charity. As in, in order to benefit from Samton Network, you must contribute to the network. In order to recieve friend requests, you must send friend requests. In order to recieve messages, you must send messages to other members. When you join this site, in order to start becoming a part of the site, you must involve yourself in the site. We have added apps including Instant Messaging, Direct Messaging, and Friend Requests so that it is easier for you to become a part of the [hence] network. Start involving yourself into Samton Network, so you can be involved in Samton Network. Do you understand the logic? You shouldn’t rely on Admins to add updates, and then take advantage of the updates, ignoring the site the next day. I’ll repeat again, contribute to the network, to benefit from the network.

Solange Wright, Site Owner/Webmaster since 2009

~ by solangewright on April 8, 2012.

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